Chafuko, picureboy

(edit: I wrote the title wrong, but I can't change it to Picture boy)

He just love it to be on a picture…
And I just love to get him on a picture! 😃

And what my brother can do, I can do too!

Great photos! Thank you for sharing them. He's such a handsome boy…

Great pictures as always!

The look of comfort.


Kim, awesome pictures indeed. I love the one of him standing in the window, like only basenjis straight, in plank pose..
Thank you so much for sharing..

Wow - those are wonderful pictures - great looking basenjis! thanks for posting.


I always see my B doing this pose on the couch. It must be a Basenji thing. He doesn't like to sit or stand like a normal dog. It always has to be a photoworthy stance. :o

Chafuko reminds me a lot of my boy. Brindle beasts they are. 😃

Looks like Ryans lost his cushion 😃

He is wonderful boy :D.

Thank you for sharing great pictures love that look see me now. I am in the pillow resting.

Rita Jean

Thanks again for sharing such wonderful photos of your dogs' lives

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