Chafuko is arrived!

And he likes it here!

With my husband kas

playing, wenn do they stop????

and some more of Buana

and this one, I want it to show you! This is Pentah, we took care of her for 4 months, she is an export Podenco Ibicenco of a friend of us!

She is now back home, in March she will go to Australia, to her new owner.
We miss her so much.. If we get the change to get her back, we don't have to think about it….

This is our cat Spaiky

And the last one, I love this picture..

He usually don't have the time to stay still for a long time but here he steyed for a while!!:D

Welcome to the forum. What beautiful dogs (and cats) you have! They all seem to get along so well and adorable little Chafuko seems to blend in very nicely. Even your visiting dog, Pentah, fits in well. (The podenco looks a lot like an Ibizan Hound. What an interesting and pretty dog.) I enjoyed all the pictures of your family members and hope you will post more. It seems like we have we have several forum members from the Netherlands. It might be fun for you all to get together sometime.

(I just looked up the Podenco and it is apparently another name for the Ibizan. No wonder I thought they look similar.)


Welcome to the forum:)

Lovely pictures of your family, so nice to see them getting on:D

What a beautiful family you have! The photos are great…keep them coming!

Great photos! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

so cute. & love that dog you had for a few months.. i dont think ive ever seen anything like that before!

Those are all just adorable pics, I couldn't choose just one to pick a favorite they are all great. Welcome home little Chafuko, he looks like he settled in right away

Chafuko looks adorable! I can see he feels right at home with you guys!
Buana is beautiful. I also watched the photos on your website. He's very handsome!

Groetjes 😃

Great great photos!!!! Welcome to the Forums. Can't wait to see and hear more.

Folks a Podenco Ibicenco is an Ibizan Hound in the USA - remeber different countries call dogs different names.


Folks a Podenco Ibicenco is an Ibizan Hound in the USA - remeber different countries call dogs different names.

And what a lovely Ibizan she looks to be… (as are the Basenjis of course)

Great photos!

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