The basenji has arrived: Ocelot.

Hello, here are some picks when he is quite calm.0_1456329037699_IMG_20160221_104139232_HDR.png


hopefully I can raise him right

Cute baby.... Where did you get him? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

Puppies are tough to look at, especially basenji puppies. Makes me want one...but one that I can give My boy does NOT want another dog in the house but it's nice to dream

What a little sweetheart! Makes me want a pup (for about 30 seconds until I remember what it's like getting through those first weeks!) 🙂

Beautiful puppy! I really want a brindle puppy. I already have 2 dogs and my husband said that's enough! 😀

Oh gosh adorable puppy. Yeah I desperately want one.. but Cara is so dog aggressive, just not in the cards.

Yup looks like cuddle bug just like ours. We just got our baby B a month ago. I posted the forum right below yours his name is Rusty. Is this guy brindle? Did you get him from someone in Texas? My brother also just bought a little girl 2 weeks ago and she had a brindle brother that looked almost identical to yours.

Your pup is beautiful but he is not a brindle. A brindle looks like tiger stripes. I have heard of the term "sable" that I think would describe him but their are experienced breeders on this site who could give you a better answer

@margiem That pup is a Brindle.

@Radil.Andrew Who did you get your pup from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

Basenjis are considered to come in four colors: red and white, black and white, tri color and brindle..of course there are variations not "recognized" such as a "trindle" but sable is a color used in other breed standards- not ours.

Oh. I am not a breeder so I do not really know all the specifications. His papers say tri colored saddleback. I just said Sable. Check out the pics I posted in the other forum and let me know if you think the tri color saddleback is accurate.

@Radil.Andrew I honestly didn't know that American Kennel Club papers gave that description for color? and I have been in Basenjis since 1989.

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I haven't registered him with the American Kennel Club as do not plan to breed. Just a family member. He is registerable though. I was referring to the description on the contract papers from the breeder.

@Radil.Andrew Should I register him? Does it even matter if I am not breeding?

@Radil.Andrew Yes you should register him... that way his health records are tied to his registration number with the American Kennel Club. And also his pedigree information will be recorded. Did his have DNA testing for Fanconi and/or PRA? Did the breeder mark the color box on the litter registration slip?

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@Radil.Andrew a little late, but yes, I bought him from a breeder called ''candyce'' I believe. I remeber being sent a picture with another brindle puppy, so it could be the one your speaking of. And yes, he is brindle.

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