Happy late birhtday Chaffie

I didn't have much time last days to post on the forum but better late then never!

Happy 3th birthday to our little lover… 😃

3 years ago, your breeder called us to tell you were born...
A few hours later you were sleeping in our arms with mommy next to us...
We had to wait a long time for you arrive but it was totally worth it!

You are a special baby boy, an beautifull adult boy but in you great heart a little puppy.. and you always will be we hope..
Always crazy and very playfull, sweet and excited... we love you..
You are a really special boy for me because you feel my allergy attacks way before I feel them... you won't leave me and from the way you act, I know I have to take my medicine right away... I don't know how you feel it but you do... and I really appreciate it very much... thanks little fellow... I love you so much!

Last year you became a daddy for te first (and second) time, you became Dutch Champion and became a real bodyguard for you human brother...

Happy birhtday boy!

Happy belated birthday, Chafuko. Continued success on your your job of caring for your family!

Happy Birthday, Chafuko! With all your other wonderful attributes, you are a medical alert dog as well, hooray for you. Here, he could wear a special vest that would allow him to go everywhere with you.

Belated Happy Birthday Chafuko and what a clever boy you are alerting your mummy to her allergy attacks.

Belated Birthday wishes to Chafuko xx


Hope you had an awesome birthday sweet Chafuko..may you have many more.

Happy Birthday! And beautiful photo card!

Happy B-day Chafuko :D!

Thank you all!

@ Macpack, really 🙂 He won't mind it to come along with us every minute!

Great photo! Belated Happy Birthday, Chaffie!!! :):):)

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