She is 7 weeks already….

Exactly one week ahead... we are at SWEDEN to pick her up...
O my gosh.. she is georgeous and sooo sweet!
We are very happy with her and Mia 😃 😃

Wow she is a beautiful little girl. I bet you are very excited about going to pick her up!

She looks like an absolute charmer! Enjoy! 🙂


Super excited for all of you…she will have a ball with all the boys...and they will too.

She is simply gorgeous! And what a change from your previous posts - I guess they grow up FAST! Congratulations!

She looks great!

First Basenji's

Another great little puppy to watch and admire from afar. I'm excited for you too!

Pretty girl. I bet the week seems slow!!!

She looks so sweet and pretty!

What a lovely little one…

I am jealous 🙂

She is definitely a charmer. Congratulations!

Thank you all so much!

Yes, she is growing so fast! We get a lot of pictures but every time we think WOW!

Only a few days left until we pack our bags… 😃

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