Martha "Peggy" Wurtz 10/23/18-12/10/11

I'm sorry for your loss.

What a wonderful sounding Grandma. Trust me, she is still with basenjis, just in a different place.


You have my condolences. Did your Gramma have a kennel name?


I believe the kennel name was Nonpariel. One of her girls, Bubbles, was found in the registry. My cousin is going to save any other records of Gramma's dogs for me if she finds them.

The dogs I remember are:

Asta (Star)

I don't think any of her girls were bred more than twice in their lives. I could be wrong on that and hopefully, we can find the records to send to Sue. If she's still compiling them.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

I am so sorry for your loss of a wonderful Grandma. She was obviously a lovely lady and thanks to her you have your love of Basenjis.

Your Granma gave you a wonderful gift: Basenjis! And you gave her the gift of a peaceful passing, knowing her Melody will be safe until it's time to meet her at the bridge.

While I miss my own Granma and my Dad, it's so much easier to know they're in Heaven to keep an eye on my beloved Sam & Pushti until it's my time to join them. My Granma didn't like animals, but she loved mine because she knew it was important to me.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma. She sounds like a wonderful person. I'm sure nothing would make her happier than knowing her sweet little Melody is in loving hands.

My condolences for the loss of your wonderful grandmother! Do you have pics you could post of her and the Basenjis?

My sympathy on your loss. You have always spoken so affectionately of your Grandmother, I know you will miss her. Her spirit lives on with every basenji you will ever love.

I'll see if I can get some pictures scanned in.

For anyone who is in the area and is interested, Gramma's service will be at the Brooks Assembly of God, 9165 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR at 2:00pm tomorrow, Dec 10. Take exit 263 and go east about a mile to Portland Road and turn left. Go about 1/4 mile. AJ will not be there, but I will be. I'm the 40's year old woman with dark hair that falls past my belt. It would be an honor to me to have other Basenji people there.

From the UK I'll be thinking of you all at your Gramma's service and sending loving thoughts.

Please tell me, are dogs allowed at funeral services. They are in most cases here at the permission of the Minister?

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