• hi i just lost my kenta to blastomycosis here in kenosha wis.
    he was only 2yrs and 2 months old. He was a beautfiul b. boy
    and i got him and his brother when they were 3 months old.
    18 days ago he came down with blasto and i put him down
    yesterday. He had over 20 boils and labored breathing. he
    was barely a grown up dog and now he is gone. mom

  • I am so terribly sorry. It's hard enough when they are old, to lose one so young is tragic.

  • I so feel for you. Nothing I can say except for sorry.

  • How awful! I'm so sorry; 2 is way to young.

  • It's sad to lose them when they are old but when they are taken so young it's just not fair. I'm learning that we need to enjoy everyday with them good or bad as you just don't know how long they will be with us. Sorry for your loss, hope you having his brother brings you some comfort and keeps you going.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I know one other B owner in WI and one in KY who have lost dogs to that in the past 4 yrs.

  • I am so very sorry, losing at any age is hard but so young. 😞

    I have only known of one other dog who got it, but it fortunately responded to aggressive treatment and made it. I remember my friend (she has a farm) spent a lot of time trying to find out where the dog picked it up, removing rotted trees, boards everything she could find so her other dogs weren't endangered. None of the others got it.

    This warning is important, as your terrible experience may help to warn others

    If you know of a dog that has caught Blastomycosis, it is important that you report the location where the dog was infected as a NeighborHound Alert to warn fellow dog owners in your area. And make sure you check the NeighborHound Watch often to read warning other dog lovers have posted!<<

  • I'm so sorry. It's always hard to lose a beloved companion, and two is way too young.

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