• I have many stories I could tell you about my little man, however, right now I really just need some support. Damian was put down November of 2006, he was 16 years young. I have had him since I was 13 just turning 14. I cannot begin to tell you the pain and extreme loneliness I feel without my pack.
    He was my first dog and my very best friend. There were times, many actually, where he was the only one I could trust. He never let me down and he was always on my side. Where ever I was he was, well assuming I could manage to keep his attitude under control. His temperment wasn't the best, but he loved his family and those close enought to him to be considered his "pack".
    Oddly enough, we found Damian in a pet shop. He was cooped up in another cage with another dog at the mall of all places. Initally we left him there, but just moments later rushed back to take him home. We knew that he needed us just as we discovered we needed him.
    As you may or may not know, when you buy a dog from a pet shop they refer you to their vet for shots and a check up. Well their vet paved in a beginning for Damian that was rough. This vet gave Dame his shots while he was sitting down eating a dog traet. No harm right?… wrong, my dog yelpped so loud you would think that some one had stepped on his tail or something. Turns out that the vet hit one of his hind quarter muscles and paralized him for about a week. We found that out that night. Damian was having trouble walking. It progressively became worse to the point where if he was even touched, he would scream in pain. My mom and I rushed him to the emergency vets. He was given pain killers and asked for the information on the vet who initiated the shots.
    Well, the first vet was prosecuted and the pet shop was closed down. Turns out that all of the dogs the shop had came from puppy mills out of Nebraska and Nevada. Damian came from Nebraska puppy mill. My mom was able to track down this particular puppy mill, and tried to get Damians mother. Unfortunatly, by the time she was found she had been bread to death and thrown in a wheel barrel like she was nothing. This was so heart breaking. My mom fought to get that mill torn down and the owners prosecuted. For Damian, his mother and all of the other mistreated dogs. She was successful and Damian I think some how knew what she had done for him and his mother. We also found out that Damian was taken from his mothe too early and was never taught how to yodel. He sure figured it out soon enough though. This was just one of my many adventures with my little man. Fortunately his life gets better, but not until a few more trials and tribulations. Funny enough, we knew NOTHING about basenjis when Damian joined our family. We were in for a wild ride, but a ride that was the best 16 years of my life. All this in just the first month. Damian was betwee 6 and 9 weeks when we brought him home. I think about him all of the time and I would give anything just to spend one more night listening to his snoring and fighting with him because he takes up an ENTIRE full sized bed. I miss his head laying on the pillow next to me and we would actually spoon. He was so funny how he had to be touching me all of the time. My mom would tell us how pathetic we were then take a picture of us cuddling, dancing, playing, or just of him hearding me from the hallway to our room.
    I miss him getting car sick on the way to Santa Barbra for Christmas, or to Tiburon for Thanksgiving. I miss his wiskers and his silent ways of arguing. I miss him waking me up at 5:30 am to walk him and then have me out there for 30 minutes and him not even go potty. I miss him having to be drug down the stairs because he hated the rain. And I miss putting on his jean jacket with the wool lining that he actually liked to wear when it was cold out side. More than anything though, I miss my family member and my best friend.

  • Sorry for your loss, but a really nice story and life you shared with that boy!

  • I am so sorry to hear how you lost your best friend. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Dame had an important purpose in this world. Not only in your life, but also by playing a role in the shutdown of that puppy mill.
    My Bella was a petshop puppy and I have been trying to track down her history as well. Looks like she is not a product of a puppy mill, thankfully. However, her history is scetchy to say the least… Knowing what I know now, I will get a rescue, pound puppy, or purchase from a reputable breeder next time.
    All things aside, Bella is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I love her and she is such a part of my family! I can only imagine what you are going through...
    God bless,

  • I'm so sorry for your loss - it sounds as though Damian was your "soul-dog". With the passage of time, you'll find that Damian's memories won't fade a bit, but that it will be easier to smile at the memories of your wonderful life together than to be sad. Hugs to you!

  • What a wonderful story and loving tribute to a great friend. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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