• **At 1120 today I let my beloved Peanut go to the bridge to wait on Pop.

    I'd love to tell ya all about him, but the www. isn't big enough to hold it all.

    Lord I miss my boy..**

  • Oh, hugs and hugs..this is a hard time for you and I know you miss your b.
    BUT we will see our beloved basenjis/kittys/critters again.
    I do truely believe that.

  • Very sorry for your loss… Our hearts and thoughts are with you...

  • There are no words. God bless.

  • My condolences to you for your loss of Peanut.

  • i'm so sorry. i hope you can find some peace.

  • Houston

    So sorry to hear about your loss, sending my warmest hugs to you in this hard time…

  • Letting go is proving the love we have for our animals. Your Peanut is happily romping around again. As others have said, you WILL meet up again. My condolences.

  • I am so sorry. No words are adequate, but know that you have the sympathy of your basenji friends who share your grief.

  • Run free Peanut, no one can take your place. Especially one that sounds like a heart dog

  • **Received this in a card, hope it helps others..


    As you hold them in your arms
    And say your last goodbyes
    Look close into the fading light
    that flickers in their eyes.

    They are not afraid
    because they know when a sparrow falls
    she falls into the hands of God
    all creatures great and small

    Remember when you found your pet
    abandoned, frightened, so alone
    shivering at your side you gave comfort
    and shared the warmth of your home

    As the years passed, they were with you
    through every joy and sorrow
    Always at your side until one day you knew
    there would be no more tomorrows

    You sigh and think
    never again will I give my heart
    it hurts too much to grieve
    when you have to part

    But there are so many animals
    that have no place to go
    who are longing for someone just like you
    to love and call their own

    They don't live as long as humans do
    this too is a part of God's plan
    for animals are God's angels
    to be there for you when he can't

    God's gift is that you can love many
    when your pets has time for only one
    you can give love and happiness to the strays…
    who without you would have none

    So lay your friends to rest, lift up your hearts
    dry your tears, for it is told
    death is but a passage into the hands of God,
    through the gates of gold

    Somewhere others need you
    in shelters, or wandering the streets
    they want nothing more from life
    than to lay down at your feet

    It is time to give another life
    the love only you can give
    we are the caretakers of God's creatures
    for not to love...is not to live

    written by Brenda Riley Seymore

  • beautiful..thanks for sharing this with us.

  • So sorry for your loss.
    May our Lord wipe away all your tears and comfort you.
    Your sweet Peanut is in His arms now.

    Kathryn D. Ladick
    Jaroufa Hounds

  • Our condolences. Tell us some of the stories some time – even if the web can't hold them all 🙂

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