Can you vote for me?

I (Kipawa) have entered a Fido contest where I could be chosen to be the next dog on TV and/or print for Fido cell phones (Canada).

So my basenji friends world wide! Let me represent our breed on a Canadian Fido advertisement. I'll do everyone proud - I promise. You can vote once a day. Please send a basenji to congress…. er....ummm...sorry - meant Fido!

Click on the link below and look for where it says 'dog's name'. Type in 'Kipawa' and click. Read what I have to say about why I need to win this contest! I hope you think the picture matches my story - I think it does!

First Basenji's

Voted! I know you can vote once every day, too. There's a certain Canadian Shiba we're pulling for as well, so I was alerted to the rules of the game. 😉

Thanks. I can tell some people are voting for me, because I have moved up substantially. My goal is to crack the top 100! But I still have a long way to go!

Remember, you can vote once a day!

Barooos to you all!

VOTED!! 😃 Good luck!! 😃

My vote went to…..Kipawa!

I just voted and will try and remember to do it daily


I just voted and will try and remember to do it daily

Oh don't worry Pat. Somehow I think I'll be reminding folks. 😉

My browser won't open the web site but I'll try on Google Chrome.

Hooray for Chrome - I've voted - how many days does it go on for?

I voted…

I voted too!

Just voted!! Very cool. Will remember to keep voting!!! Good luck!

You got my vote as well. Kipawa is the only Basenji so far!

voted, ill email the site at my work,that should stir up a few votes 🙂 only if it will open there, somethings wont

oh please please send one (Please send a basenji to congress…. er....ummm...sorry - meant Fido!) they can do a much better job than whos in there now.... i'd trust them more than people... but lets not get off track here ..good luck on the contest.. lets not forget voting for brat contest also

I've voted! Ohh and I love the caption you put with it!

Yesterday some folks couldn't get on the website. Today TWO Kipawas are showing up? Can you say 'program glitch'?

Vote for the Kipawa that is the lowest number (that is the one who has received more votes).

Just a reminder to keep voting! Let your friends and relatives know. Kipawa is keen on 'representing' all his basenji friends world-wide.

Hi all, spread a little love today and vote! The contest goes until the middle of November.

If Kipawa wins, he will make a donation to the Basenji Club of America and the Basenji Club of Canada. For those of you in other countries, he will also make donations to your country basenji clubs. Just let us know what club represents basenjis for your country.

Let all of your friends and family know about Kipawa's generosity!

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