• This is my tribe. All boys! Oh boy!

    There's my pretty girl

    I couldn't ask for a better dog for my kids. They will remember sleeping with her for the rest of their lives

    As I have gone through my pictures of weezie I think that the only way that I can get her to hold still is to take a picture of her sleeping. And that usually happens when some body is sleeping with her. LOL She is either up close to the camera sniffing it, or she won't hold still. argh!

  • Those are great pics. I love the one of them all sleeping in the chair. That is quite an armful!

  • how cute 😃 😃

  • They are all great but my favorite is the one of Weezie and your son sleeping curled up together face to face….best buds tired out after a busy day. You are right; they will remember their friend for the rest of their lives.


  • What a beautiful family you have. I love the one of everyone sleeping on the chair!

  • My husband is at work more often than home, every body jumps on him when he gets through the door. And they don't leave him alone until he falls asleep. Things have slowed down since then but Rob always has Weezie sleeping with hm in his chair at bed time! Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my family. They are my pride and joy!

  • That first picture is just too cute!! How do they all fit on that chair! and be comfortable enough to sleep!! and your boys are just adorable! along with weezie!

  • Great photos, wonderful family. We sometimes hear that basenjis aren't good with kids, but obviously it depends on having a great basenji and a great bunch of kids for her to play with. I love all the photos!

    Anne in Tampa

  • My husband can sleep any where. One evening He was standing in the kitchen with a cookie in his hand. I would have never guessed that he was standing in the kitchen sleeping. I walked up to him and he was snoring cookie in hand. 🙂
    I only wish that I could sleep half as much as he can!

  • Love the pics! And what a beautiful "sleepy" family you have 😃 😃

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