Pictures of my baby; Star

Attached are some cute pics of my Basenji: Star (blk/wht 9yr female) ; )

Star is gorgeous! And the witch hat looks great on her! đŸ˜ƒ

She is lovely! Both are, in fact.

I can't even imagine what would happen to a HAT if I put it on one of my b's. Thanks for these photos.

Thanks for all the feedback ; )

I really have fallen in love with this breed… and cannot see having any other type of breed/dog. I love how clean they are and look. The basenji breed does not get that dusty/matt hair look that other breeds get when they age. They always seem to look sharp and well groomed ; ) Even my Spike on his last day - someone thought he was a puppy - because his coat look so fresh/good and his stature/size.

My Star loves to dress up & the camera- she such a "poser" ; ) it makes me laugh. These dogs can be such characters & have such expressive peronalities - there's more going on in those little brains of theirs - just wish they could talk ; )

She love the attention and will dress up like this for Halloween (we both put on "witch" costumes) when I pass out the Trick-o-Treat candy at my door.

And She even kept this costume on the whole time we walked in La Grange's Pet Paradein 2003(La Grange, IL - every 1st weekend in June) - she struts her stuff and carries on such an air- It makes me chuckle; ).

First Basenji's

What a great pose! both are good looking-CUTE! The do make us laugh don't they! Even when they are getting into trouble by chewing on something ELSE! or about to be devilish! YEAH!!


Great them both.

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