Coursing pictures

Sunday we went coursing in Leek. Marianne (Ibi_n_sane) was there also with her Podencos, Basenjis and Galgo. Here some pics!

It's Tillo's turn…

Our small hunter 🙂

Focused and drooling 😃

Not letting go..

Some other dogs

It's Lio's and Thirza's turn.. so Smitthy has to stay with me..

Thirza and Lio

Happy family: Lio, Thirza, Smitthy and Tillo

Cy's turn

Tillo as spectator


And some other dogs

Handsome Barry

I just LOVE this pic..!

Three B's together!

Bro and Sis running together

The dogs loved it and the humans had fun too!

Great pics Janneke :D.
I love the fourth pic of Barry.

Are you coursing competitively or just for fun? Just curious if blankets are worn in competition like they are here in the US. Tillo looks like he is having a ball!

Unfortunately Basenjis can't compete in the Netherlands… So this is just for fun 🙂

It looks like great fun 🙂

Is there a reason why basenjis can't compete in Holland?


Is there a reason why basenjis can't compete in Holland?

FCI rules. Only the sighthounds and some of the half sighthounds are allowed to compete.

Oh, that looks SO much fun!! I love the deerhound (???) in the 6th picture, too cute!!


Wow, what great action pictures..of course I love the ones of the Tillo and the other basenjis too, but Barry's picture coming full steam ahead is awesome…and Smitty and Cy are so stellar...

I love y'alls pictures, thanks for sharing them with us..

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