• here some pictures of our coursing training last months, pictures made by Wiebe Hovinga




    and Kims ( Buana here at the forum ) dogs:




  • Very cool pics.

  • Houston

    Wow, what cool pics. I just love dogs in running action..

  • All the dogs are just beautiful and pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.

    Rita Jean

  • Great pictures… interesting that you do even practice with collars on... here in the US, we never have collars on them...

  • Wow, nice pictures! My kids are jealous of all the fun they're having. 🙂

    Pat, don't know about your area, but around here I see a fair amount of people practice with collars on, especially puppies. Maybe not ones with big dangly stuff on them…lol, but still. Makes it easy to just grab dogs out of crates and walk them up to the field and go, no special equipment needed, and gives you something to catch them with afterwards. Also in race meets the dogs are allowed to run with collars on for easy grabbing at the finish line. Lots of folks do.

  • At lure trials in our neck of the woods, even for puppies, no one uses collars for practice…. correct that at race meets they all have collars..... I have seen how a collar can get caught in the line, not as much worry with a drag lure that they use for racing meets.

  • we are allowed to used certain collars in training, not for the matches !
    the collars can't get caught in the line with this coursing system 😉

  • YEAH!!!

    Great pics 😃
    Barry is sooooooo handsome…. (I don't know what is is but... pfffew I like him so much :D)

    Thanks for placing my three naughty dogs too 😃

  • You are welcome Kim, you are my friend and a forummember so I thought it would NOT be nice if I didnt put your pictures here as well, I know you and I were waiting very long to get some pictures of the coursing and finally we have some now 😉

  • Great action pics

  • I usually run mine nekkid anyways, but never seen or heard of anyone having collar troubles around here. People use muzzles as well, which could cause the same potential problem I guess. I do use those now always.

    Most of our oval races are continuous loop. But of course the straights are drag.

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