Hello from Wyoming… wtf yeah, I didn't studder... but I do sometimes.

  • Hahaha, well sorry for the title straight from the mess that is my brain.

    I just put in my application to the local humane society to adopt an adorable 1 year old Basenji named Sengi. My first order of business is to make the G a J and make sure that name suits him best, I've already come up with some great nicknames and catch phrases for him.

    -The Senjinator

    • Senjination

    you get it, I have already had so much fun with this dog just at the humane society I've already started giving him nicknames.

    I've browsed almost every popular link google gives me on Basenjis and have watched countless videos of the yodel, which is a far cry from the actual noise made.

    Senji seems like a pretty quiet guy, and likes to stare at the other barking dogs like they are bat **** crazy when they freak out. Perfect because thats exactly what I do when people start acting like fools.

    Anyway, I'd love to get to know the community, and it's great to see an active forum for lovers of this breed.

    Here's some pictures of my hopefully new best friend.

  • Welcome…

    Senji is very cute...good luck with the adoption.

  • Welcome to the forum! I am also a new member and I think you will find the folks here very helpful. It sounds like you have read up quite a bit on the breed. Hopefully your new friend will fit right in when you bring him home, and you have all the wisdom of this forum to help you through any adjustment period. 🙂

  • Welcome!

    Looks like you are just as crazy as a basenji can be, so you 2 should be a perfect match 😃

  • Thanks guys, I do agree, the Basenji and me seem like a great pair, and I do hope my cats agree.

  • ROFLMAO, what a happy face.

    But I have to say, the cat/basenji issue is a big one. I am sorry BRAT didn't get this guy so they could evaluate him. PLEASE, be very very careful about the dog and the cats. Some do live together just fine, but often if not almost always, the cats came first then a puppy. Sadly, like many sight hounds, basenjis are not generally cat safe.

  • Hello and Welcome!

  • Hey, Welcome! He looks a lot like the last one I had. These "critters" will always amaze you in the unexpected. First two would howl like a coyote, next two were silent, last one now (had her two months), will do the good old "Roo" even if I'm gone for an hour. They are all different, just like kids from the same family.

  • Welcome to you and Seng/ji

  • I'd like to think he's more of a quiet happy guy, but I won't know til he comes home hopefully next week.

    I am quite worried about the cat situation indeed, but I know my cats well and know that they're amazing smart. I've got places in the house a dog just can't get to so they've got places they can feel safe. and I've got all the patience and stubbornness in the world so I'll be able to stick it through with the dog, letting him know how important the kitties are. I hope they're sleeping on top of him in a couple of months, understanding how awesome he is.

  • I hope you get your wish 😉

    We have an 8 month old basenji named Watson…he came to live with us when he was 4 months. We too have a kitty...while he knows not to hurt her he still sometimes will give chase if she runs. They are never left unsupervised. She too has places to hang out that are dog free.

    The two of them will sit quietly with me in the evening for a bit before bed...but it took work getting to that point.

    So while I hope you get your wish...be prepared to accept something less than perfect peace 😉

    I agree with you though...he is awesome 😃

    Please let us know how things go for you, Senji, and your kitties.

  • Yeah, that seems like the cat's relationship with the dachshund we have now. I do hope to get the cats to see the dogs as a helpful addition to the family. Trust him, they've made great strides in this with the dachshund, and keeps getting better all the time, I see them give him kitty kisses more and more.

    I plan on being an active member of the community and would love to help out as a web designer with any tech questions.

  • Houston

    Hi and welcome Jake and hopefully Seng/ji. He is utterly adorable..I love his happy face.

    We have a cat, she hates the dogs,( oh yeah, we have 4 dogs too, one basenji, one dachshund, a podengo wonderboy and a mutt..) but they love her, go figure..so far no injuries, no fights and no huge chases. Pippin (the basenji) loves to just lick on her and it drives her batty, so she swats him, over and over again…and he keeps on licking her..needless to say it works..for both of them.
    I hope you will have a fairly easy coexistance with the cat and basenji, it would make things easier. Keep us posted on the upcoming adoption, will keep all of our fingers and paws crossed all goes as planned and that Seng/ji will join you in your pack.

  • hi Jake and Senji and kitties - welcome!

    We are a very animal happy home - we have two senior cats and an aviary with 3 parrots. Kipawa is not interested in the birds at all, but the cats do interest him. We use a spray bottle (on the 'stream' setting) when Kipawa bothers the cats. Keep a couple of spray bottles around the house - they are cheap and really effective. 😉

    We also have a cat 'tree'. It's a huge piece of driftwood that stands vertically with a number of high, carpeted sleep areas that are cats feel safe on. Something like this wouldn't be too difficult for you to make.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the adoption goes well and that your blended family lives in harmony.

  • I've got a kitty tower I call Kitty corner they lay on all the time, and all the windows have a ledge for them to sit on. They are already accustom to sleeping on both of those so it shouldn't disrupt them much, they already deal with Moose the dachshund chasing them, much slower than a Basenji can admittedly, but they're starting to get a long well. They've only known each other a few months and it gets better daily.

  • Welcome. Your in for an exciting time with this new companion! grin.

  • Dog Run

    That's where he'll be running around in a couple of days I do hope, I took him for his first walk today, still at the humane society, still working on my application but I submitted my landlord's approval note today.

    SOOOO Much energy, Its gonna take a week to use up all the energy he's saved up at the shelter. I'm STOKED!

  • Never had a problem with Voodoo and the my cat. They chase each other all the time. Usually Voodoo starts chasing Miwmiw to the end of the hall, then Miwmiw starts chasing Voodoo back to me. They can play quite rough, but they allways are sleeping together at night, so they are fine with each other. But Miwmiw doesn't really knows she's a cat. She also go's for walks and such. Lot of people who look strange at you when walking with 2 dogs and a cat on a leash 😃
    Now I have my sisters cat over here while she is on vacation, and Voodoo just ignores her.
    While typing this, Miwmiw is on my lap, with one paw on Voodoo's head while he is sleeping next to me. 🙂

  • Awesome, I have some very small cats but they have always been brave smart little things. They follow me around when I walk around outside and want to be part of my family, so I think they'll get used to another dog quickly.

  • Sure they will! A dog really knows what is part of the family and what not!

    Here is my little cat with the kelpie I had (died a few months ago due to hart-faillure, Voodoo came after that). Should try to make a movie of Voodoo and Miwmiw playing together also one of these days.

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