Back to back Major wins for Shaun!

Shaun just came home: he won big at the WVBC Speciality in Oregon: WD, BOW & Best Bred-By-Exhibitor for a 5 point Major.

This is his second Major win a row. Very proud of the little guy. Actually Shaun is now a mature 1-year-old. Ten points under his belt already with just five to go for his championship…

Congrats! That is really super


Wow, really WOW! Where please are the pics! 🙂

Here is one photo from the previous win (with MaryK handling…)

You and your b were beautiful!


Congratulations..super exciting!!

Congrats on your nice wins!

Yay Shaun and Mary Kay!!!!!

All this points, majors, and specialties is all kind of odd to a movie like myself.

Shaun's breeders seemed super pleased though. In 2011, Shaun has been entered and shown in five shows, winning points at four of those shows. One that was a Specialty which I have learned is a big deal? He also won the Best Bred by Exhibitor Award (not worth points, but it is worth a lot to breeders.) We are starting to collect ribbons, towels, picture frames, boxes, toys and other prizes. But it really does not matter that much to us. Shaun is still that cute, naughty boy that gets away with too much! Actually he is very well behaved and is a great older brother to little Mbali…

Hip Hip Hooray for Basenji Shaun!

Here is a very recent shot of Shaun, with his cheeky younger sister, Mbali. Photo taken with a 40-year-old lens converted to the Canon EOS mount…

that's an awesome shot! and the pups are adorable.

Did you take this photo? Wonderful.

pretty pups. congrats on the wonderful wins

Shaun won again today at the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club in Washington state.

Best Dog, Best of Winners, Best Bred by Exhibitor, Best of Group and then Best in Show!

The little guy is on fire. Be interesting to see how long this lasts. The biggest Basenji show of the summer (in Washington) is next week (Evergreen Basenji Club). More competition for sure. But even if he wins nothing he has had a very successful run this summer…

Yay Shaun! He is doing fabulously well! Huge congrats to all of you.

I love Shaun's structure. How much does he weigh?


Katie, aka Taji Basenjis, entered Mbali, Shaun's' little sister, in her first show today (same show as Shaun's huge win). She is 8-months-old so I am not sure what class she is in? She won a third place ribbon! Off course this class had only three competitors, but who's counting…

I think Shaun weighs in around 20-22 pounds?

Judy Lang is the long time grand Basenji lady of Washington state. She attends/conducts the puppy training classes that we bring Shaun to. She congratulated us on Shaun's 5-point major win last weekend and asked us about his condition. Did we run with him? No, we are not runners, but Shaun does get a ton of long walks each week which probably makes him look fit and handsome…

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