Ochre's wins…

Hi All,

Just wanted to have a bit of a brag for my gorgeous little lady this past weekend…

She is just over 8 1/2 months old, and she was BOB and Minor Puppy in Group, at both the am and pm shows we had, on Sunday 8th March, (which was also Mr saba's Birthday !!!) :D:D

Im one proud Mummy at the moment...

Congrats, Ochre!!! :):):)

P.S. Just noticed your avatar - very cool!!!!

Congrats on the wins and Saba's Birthday!! 🙂

Congrats!!! that's a huge result!!!! 😃
And happy birthday for Saba!!


Sorry guys, I think I may have confused you, when I was rying to be a bit cutsie with my wording ⭕o.

It wasnt Saba the dogs birthday, it was my OH birthday, sorry to confuse you all…

Imbj, that Avatar was done for me, by a lady who does the Basenji Club of NSW Newsletter. It was a surprise for me, I think organised by my guys breeder, although she wont tell me who organised it, so Im not sure :):). I love it...

Sorry, I forgot to say thanks for the congrats… I just looked up her show records, and she has had 10 shows for 6 Classes in Group, and 25 points for her Australian Championship, (we need 100 points in total to achieve this award...), needless to say I am VERY proud of her :).

Congratulations regardless. Hope she continues to make you proud.

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