• when he was the only dog in his class but…Veterans class winner. ;0

    Was our first time to a show so was kind of neat to watch him in the ring.

    When the new puppy gets here next weekend we will be doing alot more of it.

  • Going to spank you. Any time you have a veteran even if he's the only basenji in the show, your dog deserves that brag! And so do YOU for getting him out there! Doing things with your dog, always brag worthy!

  • And Q has always been braggable, he's a cutie like his brother Pi!


  • I brag about him all the time. He is awesome.

    But remember we are ignorant of the showing side of dogs and I found it a bit laughable to get a "win" with only 1 contestant. Again this was our first show experience.

    I did think it was incredibly cool when a lady said "Veteran in the ring" (or something to that effect) and a large group began applauding him.

  • LOL I know, got a win with only 3 with Sayblee in PA, was hard to brag about going to group, lol.

  • a brag for a veteran is ALWAYS brag-able.

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