It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperDolly!

Dolly took Best of Breed today at Greater Humble KC! And she beat 2 Specials to do it!

My little tri girl has been overshadowed by her sister Cricket, who is very confident and outgoing. Now that Cricket has finished, it's Dolly's turn to shine, and she's doing it.

Dolly= Illusion Tri Alil Tenderness of Dune
Cricket= Ch. Illusion's True Love Ways of Dune

Sired by our grand old man, Tex. (will be 11 in January)

Thinking positive thoughts for tomorrow as the Group Judge will be our Breed Judge from today…


goodness, we need pics.

good luck on sunday!

goodness, we need pics.

good luck on sunday!

No luck for us on Sunday… Dolly was Reserve today. Oh well, we're still riding high from yesterday.

Congratulations on your win. Sorry about Sunday but it doesn't take away from yesterday's super placing and there's always another day


Congrats Terry and Bob..SO happy for you ..oh and for Dolly as well. I should've come out to see you but the kiddos where cruddy so we were laying low..

WTG and YES we do need pics!

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