• Well it seems to have come around way too soon, but, Vanda had her debut this past weekend…

    Her first show was the Royal Launceston Show, where she was awarded Baby Puppy of Breed, (we are able to show our puppies at 3 months in Australia, but until 6 months they are not competing for points...). Wish I could say that all the hard work that I had put into her, was successful, BUT, it wasnt ⭕o:o. She went around the ring, looking like I had never had a collar and lead on her !!! About the only thing she didnt do, was a crocodile roll :D. I dont think the judge was very happy at all, but, 'thems the breaks' !!! Because of this win, she was eligible for best Baby In Group, (competing against all the other hound babies...). She didnt win this, but she did show a little better for this, for about 2-3 steps, thats all...

    The following day, we had another Championship show, and I was dreading what she was going to do here... To my surprise, she was a lot better, still a little like a lunging maniac, but was much better, she stood on the table a lot better too :). She was again Baby Puppy of Breed. Then again she had to go in for Baby in Group, and..................................SHE WON :D. Again she performed a lot better for this. Now we had to go in for best Baby in Show... I had all my appendages crossed that she wouldnt bomb this... She didnt, she showed like a little pro, stood on the table beautifully, then moved around the ring really well. We didnt win this, but I was proud of my little girl, she eventually showed just like I knew she could/would :D:D

  • Congrats! Oh gosh, when I showed my puppy at a match at 3 months, that was a disaster, lol. Sounds like you had a lot more luck and a lot of fun!

  • Oh bless her, puppies should be puppies, I wouldn't expect a little baby that age to show like a pro. 🙂 Good luck with her.

  • Thanks Nemo,

    Im really not worried about what they do in the ring, while in the Baby class. They are there to get the feel of what all this showing 'stuff' is all about, hopefully :D. Im happy if they just come out of it having a great day, lots of socialising etc, etc, etc 🙂

    What really amused me was the way that she knew all this stuff, then about Tues last week, she suddenly decided that she had NO CLUE what I wanted her to do, and she decided that she was going to run as fast as she can back to the judge… I took her to Puppy Training on the Wed, and the teacher jokingly asked me if I had done ANY work with her at all ⭕o. She was a horror, she was acting like I had never even had a lead on her. She tried to jump off the table, so the teacher and I both did acrobatic moves to catch her, thankfully we both caught her ⭕o. It was really embarassing, and I asked the teacher to take her home for me, and I will see her at the Royal, all trained... Sadly she refused my offer 😕😕:D:D

  • @moetmum:

    Oh bless her, puppies should be puppies, I wouldn't expect a little baby that age to show like a pro. 🙂 Good luck with her.

    I dream of baby puppy pro, but I havent managed to cook one like that yet :):)

  • Hey that's great :D! Many congrats for Little Vanda 🆒!
    I remember Masai's first and second show. At first he was only one in baby class so we won that but his presentation wasn't dazzling. And second show was really terrible for me :D. He was with another two boys in baby class and got 3rd place. He jumped and pulled on the leash. In stack he was the best but judge prefered moving. So we had a 3rd place and it was that moment when I decided I want 1st place :D. A little bit training and results of endeavour are here :D.

    Many congrats once again :)!

  • Congratulations Saba and Vanda 🙂

  • Fantastic result…congrats Saba & Vanda...:D:D

  • Houston

    I think it sounds like she did great, all things considered..she is a pup after all.
    Huge congrats for the first show wins and jitters being over with..now on to the next one..
    Did you get any pics..?

  • WooHoo.. that is super… congrats!!!! And yes, regardless of the judges idea... a baby puppy class should be FUN for them.. even if they act like they have never been on a leash in their entire "short" life... 🙂

  • Way to go and you did so nicely.

    Rita Jean

  • Well, Miss Vanda has had her next 2 shows, and whilst she didnt win any classes in group, she did perform quite well, and she was best baby of breed both days :). At the second show, the judge had some nice words about her, so I was happy…

    Got the Royal Hobart Show tomorrow, and Im really looking forward to that. Will let you know how she goes 😃

  • Houston

    Good going Miss Vanda, I can't wait to see how it went..

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