Who's Showing This Weekend? UK People!

  • We have two big shows coming up so just wondering who is going to be attending 🙂 East of England on Friday and Northern Basenji Sunday i believe!

    Me and Maya will be attending both. We are also taking Maya's brother Tamu along with us on Sunday (car sharing cos it is a LONG way!!) so maybe she will actually be awake for maybe 5 mins of the journey for a change. As soon as she gets in the car she lies down and goes to sleep :rolleyes:

  • Me and my hubby are going as spectators Jess so we should get to meet you this time.Good luck with Maya on Friday.

  • Yes, I've entered both; I'll have the girls and I'm bringing Maddie with Dante (Milo's brother) so have to be there bright (!) and early. If anything earlier for E of E as it's a 9.30 start and a weekday drive.

  • show free for me this weekend thankfully - though we are coming down to the Northern show just to spectate.

  • Jules and I are taking the caravan to East of England, Rufus and Tegan are entered, Kia will be staying at home as she decided to come into season when were at Blackpool!

    We haven't entered the Northern

  • @Elscodobermann:

    show free for me this weekend thankfully - though we are coming down to the Northern show just to spectate.

    The judge for Norrhern bred your girl didnt he? Annoying!

    sounds like theres a few of us going to each of the shows! Sunday will be the first club show i've been to as an exhibitor. I love the pug and lab club shows, they have such a friendly atmosphere! Looking forward to the basenji one!

  • we'll be at the Northern with Milo. Looking forward to seeing Dante! It'll be good to see everyone again that we met in Blackpool, and those we didn't get a chance to chat to.

  • Good luck for all going to E of E and the club show:D

  • We'll be at both, so see you there.:)

  • Take lots of pictures for all of us here:) (please.)

  • I shall have to rely on others for pictures as im going on my own so wont have my photographer/mum with me 😃

  • @Maya:

    The judge for Norrhern bred your girk didnt he? Annoying!

    Yes, fraid so. I love club shows, so will just be going down to spectate and get a look at all these lovely puppies! Have got to be honest i have no interest in All Breed competitions - i would be quite happy if we only had club shows.

  • Poppy and I will be going to the E of E and Sue will accompany us to NBS on Sunday. It?s going to be another tiring weekend!

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