• At the Basenji Fanciers of Greater Phoenix Specialty on the day after Thanksgiving, our boy Tex (aka Ch. Illusion's Rio Grande of Dune) won the Best Veteran in Sweeps. Tex will be 8 in January, and he's STILL got it!


  • 😃 Congratulations! That's a big-brag-worthy win!!

  • Congratulations! I think I saw Tex one year at the Cleveland cluster in December? He is a handsome guy!

    Querk is going to be eight in December…we are really enjoying showing in veterans too!

  • Yes, Andrea, we did brave the plane trip (that was when my husband and Tex were stranded overnight in Pittsburgh due to snow) to Cleveland several years ago. Tex won the Breed on the day Animal Planet was filming the Group Judging. We were really excited until we saw the finished product - Tex and Bob got about 1 1/2 seconds of air time as they were panning the Group! If you blinked, you missed them… Oh well, we still have the sleigh bells he won, and Tex learned that snow melts when you mark your territory LOL


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