Just a Small Brag

Just got back home after the Phoenix Specialty and had to post my small brags!
Cricket was first in 6-9 mos, her sister Dolly was 2nd, Myra won her class. Bruce was 2nd in his class. JR showed really well in Breed, but didn't win. Myra's mom and Dad were Brood Bitch and Stud Dog! My other brag is that Cricket came out of that 6-9 puppy class to win Reserve to a 4 point major! So, no points, but a triumph nonetheless.


Congrats…sounds like they did you proud. 🙂

Congrats, must have been a happy, happy day!

Great results all around!!! Congrats!!

Way to go very good day happy for all of you.

Rita Jean


Very nice. Huge congrats all around.

Congrats on those great results!

Yay! nice job, Terry 🙂

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