• I know they are not B's but just had to mention that we had a wonderful day with the Dobes yesterday. My Tico ( Vanhallen About to Rock ShCM ) won Best In Show at Hitchin Open Show. Her sister ( Ir Ch/ Ch Vanhallen Black Velvet with Darkiss JW ), won Best In Show at The Birmingham Dobermann Club Championship Show.

    Sisters are doing it for themselves !!! lol So proud of them. xx

  • Wow you should be super proud of them :D. They are both handsome dobes ;). Just curious how are they old?

  • Thank you Irena

    It's their Birthday tomorrow funnily enough, they'll be 5 years old. Mum is now 9 and half years old and is still showing in veteran, they just love it lol !!!

  • What a weekend you had Marriane - well done! I think dobes should be in their prime when they are 4-5, not past it like all too many of those early maturing ones are. dont think i have seen your Tico - could you post a pic (or is there one on your facebook?)


  • Congratulations to the sisters!

  • Thanks guys.

    Scott - No you haven't seen Tico ( shame I had her in the car at BCGB the other week !!! and Mum !!! ). Being a bit of a techno phobe haven't managed to upload photos on 2 this forum, but you can check out my facebook page, have put up some recent ones that where taken at Richmond last month.

    Hope you are on the mend by the way xxx

  • Congratulations to the girls

  • Thank u Shelley xx

  • just had a look at the pics Marianne - lovely. Jovi looks fantastic for her age - really nice looking girl.

  • Congratulations, I can understand how proud you must be.

  • Thank you Patty x

    glad you like them Scot. Jovi is a fantastic showgirl, but she is coming to the end of her career now, as like me she has trouble getting going in the morning lol !!!!!

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