• I haven't been able to enter too many shows in the past few years so when I bit the bullet and entered a local 4 day cluster of shows, the butterflies started swarming. Amazingly, once I stepped foot into the ring Thursday, everything sort of just fell into place. This was an outdoor show and it was windy, cold, and damp but Bindi showed very well all 4 days. She went Winner's Bitch and Best of Winner's Friday and Saturday and got 2 points closer to her championship! I am so proud of her! Now it seems I have been bitten by the show bug and I can't wait for the spring shows to get here so I can compete with her again!

    Kudos to Bindi's personal fan club Nicky and Liz (Mauigirl), Carrie (Andrew), and my best friends Steph and Chris for coming by to cheer her on!

    PS Bindi loves her new coat from Carrie and Nicky! Thanks guys!

  • WOOHOO…. Robyn and Bindi... way to go.... that is great....

  • Congrats all around Robyn! I knew you could do it!!

  • Congrats!!

  • Congrats! It is addicting! 🙂

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