:pMy friend finished one of my puppies yesterday at the Mission shows in CA
Foresses One too Many picked up his last major to complete his championship. Yeah!!!!!

His sister, BISS CH Foresses La Dolce' Vita received her second major for her grand championship.

Very proud mom🆒

These puppies are from CH FoPaws OH May God and CH Illusion Foresses Hakuna Matata JC

congrats….. that is super

Good Job!!!!!


Congrats! What a nice weekend.

Congrats on the great results!



Way to go! Do you have any pictures of the young pup?

congrats on the win! it was nice seeing a beautiful black boy win!

don't mind getting reserve to such a nice dog.

hope to see you guys again.

(thank you for all your help with Zumi. it was very much appreciated. He behaved even better today!)



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