• Hey all,

    Yes, I haven't been around much. I've been really busy, but I am reading posts and whenever it strikes me I am responding. But I have some brags about Sherwood's Something Sweet and Sherwood's Black Tie Affair (Sugar and Shadow).

    I was very up on the wall about Sugar. I did breed her but didn't keep any puppies. I have had the chance to view two and will view the third at a show in a couple of weeks. Well, since the puppies Sugar has become soooo much more relaxed. You may have noticed in the old pictures of her she roached quite a bit, hated the show ring, and was generally a stressed out dog. After the puppies she has changed her attitude so I decided to try her out in the ring. The first show was a Basenji Booster at the beginning of June which she took Best of Breed. In July, we were off to Calgary for the BCOC Specialty in which, at the Booster on the Friday (the only day I entered her) she went Best of Opposite. I entered her in a UKC show yesterday (Sunday). In the first show she went Best of Winners and in the Second show she went Best Female (just short of Best of Winners).

    I am very proud of this little girl who started her show career by closing her eyes on the Stand at the St. Louis BCOA National (in which she still made the cut). Behind this were many people telling me she wasn't good enough, wasn't something I should breed, saying her attitude wasn't good, she has morphed into a beautiful little Tri girl with a cute wiggle in her butt and a happy Baroo! I'm glad I stuck with her. Special thanks to Robyn (co-owner as well) for putting up with me for so long and being a PITA to her. She tried really hard not to put down the people telling me she wasn't good enough. Took me long enough to realize it! Now these same people can eat crow!

    As for Shadow, he just won 2nd place in all Ontario in the Rare Breeds of Ontario shows for best altered male. This comes from a dog who I thought I would have to put down because of his back pain.

    I will post pictures later of both Sugar as she is now, and of Shadow and his HUGE ribbon with his name on and title.

    This goes to show, that things can and do change and that anything can happen! (Now I just have to figure out where I can show Sugar next!) I'm really enjoying her newfound confidence.

  • WTG!!! There were lots of us telling you not to give up on Sugar! I have always thought she is quite a nice little bitch 🙂 And wtg Shadow too!!!

  • WTG Arlene!!! Great job 😃

  • Awesome! WTG, Sugar and Shadow (and you too)! Congrats to all!! Looking forward to the pictures…

  • Okay here's the pics

    Sugar Stacked

    Shadow Stacked

    Shadow Ribbon

  • They both look great Arlene, congrats

  • Houston

    Such good news to hear. I am glad you stuck with her and proved all those "others" wrong..she is a beauty, imo.

  • Thanks very much, everyone. It means a lot to me.

  • by the way, here's a pic of Sugar as Ch I think you can see the difference

  • Congratulations on Sugar and Shadow's wins! I always had faith. 😃

  • Congratulations! They are both looking good. I think my two Sherwood dogs are looking fantastic as Veterans so I think you should start looking forward to Shadow soon being old enough to compete as a Veteran at specialties.

  • This line definitely gets better as they get older!

  • Congratulations Arlene, Sugar and Shadow. I know nothing about showing Dogs but they both look great to me. In the last pic she looks as if she has got it all under control,lol

  • @nomrbddgs:

    This line definitely gets better as they get older!

    Absolutely! and I love it that way. But it does require patience.

  • Very beautiful, congrats again!!

  • Congrats Arlene! Glad you stuck with it!

  • Congrats on the beautiful results!!!

    Pictures are great! She seems to smile on the last one!

  • @Buana:

    She seems to smile on the last one!

    Haha….The first pic is Sugar and the Last two are Shadow-goes to show you the line is true! LOL

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