Bath Brag

Well, yesterday was Bath Champ Show. Well done to all the winners there 😃

Maya had a fantastic result in the Junior Stakes class, which she won!!! The judge commented before placing that the quality of the class was "absolutely outstanding" and looking back on the results now, he wasnt lying :o Maya beat a couple of the top breeders in their breeds/groups and a couple of group winners too :eek: Nevermind the fact that a dog she beat a few months ago won its group at Crufts too 😉 Brag….? Nooo... 😃

She is a star and she loves the big ring 😃 For anyone who didnt see this, here she is posing at the show yesterday. Mummy's little princess:

Congrats and well done Maya!! She looks great.

Congrats! She looks lovely, a true princess indeed!

Congratulations Jess on Maya's fantastic result

I really love tricolor B. Very good looking.. Congrats..


Well done Maya and Jess. huge cool to win with such an amazing competition..

Congratulations Jess on Maya's we all had a good day at Bath then!

Also Congrats on your Soutern Counties results.


Congrats-she looks quite proud of herself!

Bath brag…. ha ha. I am not sure where my head was, but I thought I would be seeing Maya lounging in a nice bubble bath with candles around her! Congratulations to both you and Maya - good work!

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