Aussie Brag…

Last Sunday we had our local Hound Club Champ Show, and I was very happy to see Ochre awarded Best Of Breed, and then to top off a great day, Java won best Baby Puppy in Show, (aged between 3-6 months), beating about 6-7 other hound babies 😃 😉 🙂 :p…

Very happy owner and breeder here :)...

Yeay, congratulations! 🙂 Pics…? 😃


Yeah, congratulations Jennie…very nice.

Okay that is wonderful BUT WE WANT PICTURES! WTG!!!

Congratulations to the both of them.

WooHoo…. congrats!!!!!

Thanks for the Congrats… Very happy, and still buzzing !!!

Pics will come soon, I havent a clue how to attach them, so need Mr Saba to do it... Puters are not always my friend ;)...

Woo! Congrats!!

Huge congrats and keep it up :D!

Congratulations, what a wonderful day you had. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

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