Irish Brag

I've just returned from the Cork Canine Festival in Eire where we had 3 shows over 2 days. At the first show Nakura won the bitch Green Star, Chance won the Dog Green Star & BOB. Later that day at the 2nd show, Nakura won the Res Green Star and Chance won the Green Star and BOB. Yesterday, Nakura won the bitch Green Star & RBOB, Chance won the Dog Green Star and BOB then he was shortlisted to the final 6 in the group.
Chance now has 5 Green Stars, Nakura has 4. We're back over to Ireland in August where hopefully we'll get the last green stars needed for their Irish Titles. 😃

Well done Vicky (Chance and Nakura) that was worth the trip!

WOW fantastic results, congratulations Vicki, Nakura and Chance.

Congratulations to the three of you. Very good news!!

Many congrats! It seems you had weekend full of Green stars and BOBs :D.

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