Dogshow brag!

I am so thrilled for my little Primo.
He's about 1/2 way down.

with such gorgeous competiton, i doubt we will get a ribbon, but i'm so thrilled that he was accepted. there were almost 500 entries!!! So if anyone is at the Sunflower cluster, be sure to go say Hi to little Primo.


I love it..he looks darling…Go can do it.

that's awesome! congrats!

That's really neat. Forgive me for being artistically "challenged" - but what is he made out of?

He is made of wool with wire supports in his legs (but there is no wire in the body). He is mostly core wool (a mix of different breeds of sheep), merino, colonial and alpaca. I tried using a little bit of silk fibers, but didn't quite get what I wanted using the silk fibers. He is made by needle felting which you can learn more about by googling. It is very time consuming, but some of the sculptures are amazing.

Thanks for all the kind words! I think he really stands out b/c there is nothing like him there.

The fact that you can take a material like what you described and make something that looks like a basenji is completely amazing to me. If I tried that I would end up with a tangled red and white blob of undefinable shape! Oh, and I LOVE his "smile". 🙂

Very cool! Congrats 🙂

Very cool. Go, Primo, go!

I love yours best! He looks so real like he's about to scamper off and get into some trouble!

Incredibly artistic. Primo will find a forever home, I'm sure. Thanks for the link. I am always in awe of artists, because I am limited to stick figures.

I will look for primo at the show he sure is cute

Primo is too cute for words…. and yes there are some lovely pieces... loved the 2 Russell Terriers with the english tack... I think it was called tattle tail?

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