Myran brag

Myran got his second CC on sunday and behaved really well mummy is sooo proud over her beautiful boy:D

Yea, well done.

Congrats.. that is just super!!!!

WAY TO GO Myran!
Biggest congrats!
1 more CC to go!
Very nice win indeed!

Congrats!!! Very well done Myran. 😃


Thank´s guy´s yep he need´s one more CC but it has to be taken after the age of 2 so before that you have a chance to " hog" as many CC`s you possibly can win.So feeling the sweet taste we´ll try to do some hogging this summer;)Next chance to get one is this coming sunday so keep your fingers crossed 😃

I wish in the US that they would change the rules that one of the majors needed would be after the age of 2…. too many young pups are "wonder" pups but never mature to much nor do they age well....

Yes it´s good that one has to be taken when they are mature cause as you said too many "wonderpup´s" that do not age well.

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