Chance Brag

Chance took home his first LGRA point today up in Solano.
And the best part…..he is passed out downstairs. I love a tired basenji. That means I can RELAX! Ha!:rolleyes:

YAY Chance…. Congrats Vanessa and Alex!!!! 🙂

Wonderful! Its it great to see them run!

Hurray, especially for the passed out down stairs part…a tired basenji makes everyone happy

Congratulations! 1 point down 11 more to go for his championsip.

Yay! Congratulations! Don't you just love a pooped out pooch? 🙂

My favorite kind of pooch is a happy, tired, snuggly one, so yes. That and one who is up for a game of tag (when I am not pooped)

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