A small brag :)

So this weekend we competed in our first Lure Coursing Trial. We were only able to attend Saturday unfortunately.

However, Watson made the most of it and earned his first leg towards his JC.

Not to be outdone his Shar Pei sister from another mister went to run a full 600 yard course in the CAT and earned her first leg toward her CA 😃

The best part was the judges amazement at my Shar Pei running with as much gusto as my basenji!

Congrats, was Moth the litle tri? We had the two basenjis entered in the trial in Racine. As I was apprentice judging Sat, I did not get to go out and meet anyone.

Watson was the trindle, the one hanging out with the fawn Shar Pei 🙂 … I think we were the only other basenji there. You had a tri and a little red and white? We saw them run.

Congrats! Way to go

Congrats! I really hope Elliot gets to course someday!

Yes, only brought the two girls as we did not know how hot it would be. We will run all 4 at the ASFA trial there in Aug

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