• Well….there are some members of this forum that have some SERIOUS bragging rights from the National 🙂

    I will give a few tidbits of info. A few exciting firsts at this National. The Winners Dog was 1/2 African with one parent from the recently AKC accepted imports...and the Winners Bitch and BOW was a trindle...the first to win a major award at a National Specialty!! and a little bird told me this bitch is also owned by one of our Basenji Forums regulars 😉

    Our brag is that our trophy endeavor seemed to go quite smoothly. Our Hippo boy placed third in the open red and white class. And his momma, Bella, took first in the Brood bitch class.

    We had a great time, it was so fun to put names to faces, and cheer on our forum friends.

  • Can't wait to hear all the results! Congrats to you, Hippo and Bella 😃

  • So are the results posted anywhere - all the lists seem incredibly silent on this.

  • Yes, kudos to Andrea for all the cool trophies and loot. I have pictures of the trophy tables from coursing that I'll have to post when I recover from the trip home.

    And the wooden box that Tanza contributed for veteran sweepstakes was very nice. I got to see it after Lyric won.

    I checked on the super's site and the results still aren't posted yet.

  • The winners are posted at www.thebasenji.com

    Glad to hear that the trophy that we sponsored with nice… just so everyone knows, we didn't contribute the Wooden box itself, just the money to sponsor the class. I believe all the trophies were made by L.Jane Williams

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