A little Brag

Yesterday we had a int. dogshow in Holland, Goes.

Chafuko was entered in Open class and became first with a excellent!
After that he became best male and BOB!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

At the Group judging, Chafuko was selected for the best 7 (or 8, I didn't count) and after that he became 3rd!!!!!!!!
3 BIG, and selected for the dog of the year show 2010!!!! 🙂

Chafuko got his last point for Dutch Champion!!!! 😃 😃
We are very happy!!

From 8 Basenji's only two got a excellent!
Very weird, the other 6 most of the time get a excellent too so they weren't very happy… The judge was very strict!

Again: Congrats!! A very well deserved win!

Well done, congrats

Thanks so much! 🙂

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huuuuuuuuge congrats :D!


Awesome…go Chafuko..!!

well, Chafuko is very, very hansome.

Way to go, Chafuko! Great job! Congrats! 😃

Fantastic results Chafuko and Kim 🙂

Barooos to Chafuko and Kim! Well done!


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