• Dr. Sophia Yin has a new book out for how to raise a puppy. The book comes out the end of August but is available for pre-order now. I really like Sophia's methods and think this will be a great book for understanding why your puppy does what it does and how to shape the polite behavior we all want.

    Message from Dr. Sophia Yin
    New Puppy Book in Print, Pre-Order Now!

    Preorder discount available now at www.drsophiayin.com/perfectpuppy (shipping August 31, 2011)

    Books will be sold through Amazon.com in September.

    Ebook version will be available through Amazon kindle, Barnes& Noble Nook, www.dogwise.com, apple ibook.

    News Release


    Puppies are entertaining and fun, but they can also be a lot of work. From cleaning potty accidents to replacing destroyed items, to dealing with the jumping, barking, and nipping, most puppy owners are in for months, even years of misbehavior before they get the well-behaved dog they want.

    But what if they could establish good habits right away, even during the first week of adopting their pup? And what if the training was actually fun so that the puppy wanted to behave well? Perfect Puppy in 7 Days makes both of these concepts a reality.

    With 400 photos and a step-by-step plan, this book is like no other puppy book you've seen before. The book guides you through potty training, socialization, and life skills in a way that makes the process simple and fun.

    In an entertaining way, Dr Yin uses the story of her week working with her dad's puppy, Lucy to illustrate:

    Why puppies jump, nip, bark, and chew and how to train them to perform polite behaviors instead
    How to socialize your puppy properly so she handles every-day situations with ease and grows into a confident dog rather than one who is fearful or even aggressive
    The importance of training good habits before unwanted habits form in their place
    Her Learn to Earn Program for developing a clear line of communication while training the puppy to look to you for guidance and to exhibit self-control.
    How to read your dog's body language so you know when she's happy vs. fearful or anxious.
    The book also comes with online access to a puppy socialization check-list (www.drsophiayin.com/perfectpuppy) and a poster on the body language of dogs (www.drsophiayin.com/perfectpuppy/resources)

  • +1 I really like the educational material she puts out too. I looked at the draft copy of this book on her website a while ago and I thought it looked really good.

  • Oakleys 8 months old, do you think this book would help with an adolescent? I could use some help with teaching Oakley not to jump on childre. And even with house destruction, lol. Just a thought?

  • This sounds good…I will def look into it for the fall with new pups going to homes.

    Thanks Lisa!

  • @Chealsie508:

    Oakleys 8 months old, do you think this book would help with an adolescent? I could use some help with teaching Oakley not to jump on childre. And even with house destruction, lol. Just a thought?

    She also has a book called "How to behave so your dog behaves". I think that one would work for what you describe. It has some good training methods in it and describes solutions to a number of typical behavioral issues like you described.


  • Her training methods work well with all ages of dogs. I am sure that you will find stuff that helps even with adolescence and also you check out her website which has some great videos showing the techniques and may have some on the issues you are facing.


  • I went to a 2 day class that she was one of 2 speakers. Very worthwhile. Get the book!
    She rocks!

  • I wanted to bump up this thread since a number of people are getting puppies about now…including me. 😃 I skimmed the draft of the book when it was available and recently finished the published version and I must say I highly recommend it. It has a strong focus on encouraging polite behavior (say please by sitting type of behaviors) and impulse control and house training. Not much about crate training (she references some crate training information on her website, which unfortunately is not there. 😞 ). The description in the first post covers it overall. A big message, which I like to remind myself is that every moment you spend with your puppy is a teaching moment. So don't wait to start teaching your puppy polite behaviors, you should start as soon as you bring it home.

    We're going to try out her approach (including the tethering to prevent accidents) with the new puppy and see how it works. Although I'm sure there will be some modifications, the Control Unleashed Puppy Book comes out next week and I can't wait to read that one. 😃

  • Let us know how you get on with these methods, please.

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