• I have a VHS of Goodbye My Lady.

    The dog in the movie is indeed a basenji. Isis of the Nile. She makes all kinds of cool noises and is a beautiful representation of the breed!

    Haven't read the book but the movie always makes me cry!

  • http://www.apubasenjis.com/Good-Bye%20My%20Lady_a.pdf

    better still, the movie has Sidney Poitier; looks like you can get the VHS version at amazon; i doubt there is a dvd version.

    And there is a follow up short story to the Goodbye My Lady book. I have it in a book called Dog Stories for Teenaged boys and girls, or some such.

  • Oh, and check out who produced the movie!

  • actually there was not just one basenji, but five that played Isis. Three males and two females. The young boy ended up keeping the main female basenji.
    And August Magic has a sequel if your interested.

  • Oh, I certainly will look to read the sequel! Do you know the title?

  • I have just check out Good Bye my lady at the library. I am sure that I am going to love it, I will let you know

  • Goodbye my Lady has also been on TV, the remastered version of the original. Loved the movie because of the basenji -

  • I have got the video Goodbye my Lady and also the book August Magic. Made me cry, such a beautiful story.
    Have you read the book Heart of the Savannah ? Need also tissues with that one, very beautiful story.
    It is a story about a basenji stolen as a puppy from her village.

  • Goodbye my lady is a lovely film.
    Have read both Heart of the savannah and august magic.
    August magic i think was written first and then she wrote heart of the savannah which is actualy a prequel. I don't think it matters which you read first but i enjoyed august magic more.
    Have also read the basenji prophecy ,it was ok but a bit weird

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