New fiction book - a nice read

A couple of days ago I picked up a new 2010 book called "One Good Dog" by Susan Wilson. It had been reviewed in one of our newspapers, and it sounded like a decent book. I wasn't disappointed.

It's the story of a very successful businessman who falls on hard times, and the rescued pitbull that comes into his life. I won't say more as I hate it when something is reviewed and the review basically gives the whole story away. They do that with movie trailers too - after watching them I always feel there is no reason to go to the movie.

The book is currently only published as a hardcover, selling in the U.S. for $22.99 and in Canada for $27.99. I'm sure that in 6 months to a year it will be out as a paperback.


Thanks for that recommendation, I needed something good to read, besides Otis new owners manual, the behaviorist

I'll show this to my niece…she has three pits and was involved in rescue until her son was born two years ago. She is a HUGE pit advocate. Sounds like something she might like.

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