• Hello friends, next week we are bringing home our second basenji. Any tips on introducing him to our other basenji? Should they sleep together? Eat together? Be trained alongside each other? How can we avoid jealousy between them? Any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated. (Both are boys, and the older is 2 and neutered, the other is 2 months old.)0_1598478831082_53AA17BA-EC0E-4CA5-A54C-5B624D7302D7.jpeg

  • @ladomca
    I ❤️LOVE 💕 the BIG BROTHER photo! That is hilarious - so cute! Congratulations on the new pup. I’m sure the new BIG BROTHER is going to be thrilled! 🐾🐕

  • Introduce them away from your house, if possible. Give them a chance to get acquainted. Your current boy may look on the interloper as a threat to his domain. Be vigilant until you are sure he has accepted the newcomer. Usually puppies have "puppy immunity" until they are a bit older, but this is more of a sure thing with bitches than with males. It may be fine, it may not. And be aware that as this pup matures you could end up with a problem, typically 18 months to 2 years, when he decides to challenge the current king of the household. Good luck. Hope it goes well for you.

  • They should never be fed together, in my opinion and I have never fed any of mine together, always separate. They should be able to eat in "peace"... Mine are always crated for meal time (crates are next to each other). And by feeding them separate you know exactly how much each is eating, which is important. Your older boy may not want the pup to sleep with the pup... I would let puppies sleep together (same age pups)... but not pup and adult. Again, they each have their crate again next to each other and I use wire crates. As noted you may have issues with same sex pups... as we say "it works till it doesn't"... depends on the temperament of each Basenji.

  • @ladomca Big brother is a gorgeous little guy.

  • I am actually waiting for mine, I can bring him home on October 15th 🙂 I will post a photo soon as well

  • Don't ever forget that YOU should always remain the pack leader. The b's should look to you as all powerful, fair and consistent - never angry. Be proactive, but do respect their pack order and don't try to change it. Sometimes, puppies can annoy an older dog, but since your guy is only 2, he'll probably look at this pup as a new toy! Good advice from eeeefarm to get them together on neutral ground. Keep them walking and once they can sniff and walk in near proximity of each other, you can let them do the same in the back yard. Before bringing the new guy home, pick up all items (chew toys, beds, bowl of food, etc.). Boys will squabble and usually forget, Girls seem to hold a grudge longer than boys.

    Be prepared for hours of entertainment, watching these two play!

  • Oddly, my B does worse when off her turf when meeting new dogs, and is much better meeting them at home. I have to say that the only way my B was okay with a new dog was if the new dog was crated and she got to sniff and check out the new dog without it jumping all over her. Once I knew my B was okay with the new dog, I put both dogs on leashes in case one became aggressive, and let them out together in one room.

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