Opinions on introducing a boxer puppy into our family?

  • We have an almost 3 yr old, neutered male Basenji….Jack. After calming down considerably in the last year or so he's a really good boy. He will generally get along really well with other dogs after a "getting to know you" phase. I can't remember introducing him to any puppies - it's all been adult dogs (mostly neutered males that I can think of).

    We have always thought of getting another dog (our 17 yr old blue heeler died about a year ago), and now have a chance to get a boxer puppy. We could have our choice of male or female. They are right at 6 weeks old.

    Anyone have any experience with this particular breed mix? Recommendations or opinion about male vs. female? I don't think we can handle another dog that will "escape" when given the chance and not come directly back when called, so we need a breed that we can train to come and stay and won't be negatively influenced by Jack in this area. (I will add that with our set up with our house and yard (we have a fenced 1/2 acre) this RARELY happens, but when it does........well, ya'll know if you have Basenjis!)

    Thanks in advance,

  • Here's an old link of an adult Boxer being introduced to his new Basenji puppy.

  • My 9 month old female loves Boxers - at the dog parks she will go right up to them and get them to play with her - a well socialized Boxer would be fun for your Basenji - and if you get it as a puppy, Jack can train it up the way he wants it!

  • Basenjia typically get along with other breeds, but for sure you should get a bitch and noth another male… IMO....

    That said, my Fatia when she was at her first show as an 11 wk old (we have an RV and stay on the show grounds, so all the "kids" go to the shows)... anyway on her first walk.. she took great exception to a Boxer that was across the field.... ggg... for whatever reason....

  • I have a Boxer and various ages of Basenji's. I already had Shadow and he was about 3 when I got the boxer. She was seven months. He typically ignored her at first, and now? Take a look-

    But I would definitely get one the opposite sex, as Pat said.

  • That is a great picture they look very happy together.

    Rita Jean

  • Oh Yes Rita, until Zina tries to get up! Then Shadow snarks and nips to tell her to lay back down! But yes, the Basenji's do typically get along with the boxer. The girls have never, ever fought with her or snarked at her. Shadow does most of the snarking because he simply wants his own way.

  • We have an almost-three year old Basenji female, a 16-months old akita and a 10-months old boxer puppy, also girls. The basenji raised both of the other two. All of them are un-spayed (in hopes of eventually breeding all of them at some point). They get along great. The basenji and the boxer are best buds, they used to fall asleep on the couch together until the boxer got to big and takes up the whole couch by herself… hehe... Here's a pic when boxer was barely 8 weeks old.

  • Oh how exciting basenjis and boxers are the best combo IMO there is no better pair to have they complement each other perfectly.

    I have two males (well 3 including the foster), one intact and the other 2 are not and see no problems; once in a awhile the basenjis (younger of the two) challenges the boxer and he just gives him a "you're kidding me right" look.

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