Introducing a New Basenji to our family

  • We currently have a 1 year old male (Brixton) and we are getting him a sister in the next 2 weeks. My question is, should we introduce them in a certain way? Brix has always been the playful type and always enjoys other dogs. We don’t feel like he would act in any way negatively because he’s so young and playful. Any advice you can give us on the introduction? The rest we can definitely take care of considering we’re both self employed and are home every day, so training and all that will be the usual.

    Thanks in advance!


  • The best thing I can think of is for you to take one of Brixton's blankets to the breeder, so the puppy can sleep with it and become familiar with his smell. At the same time, ask for something with the pups smell on it and expose Brixton to it in the same way. The purpose is to allow the dogs to become familiar with eachother. When you do bring the puppy home, the "aromatherapy" will bridge the gap and neither dog will think of the other as a stranger.

    This could be the simplest, most proactive thing you could accomplish before picking up the puppy.

  • With a puppy it will probably go just fine. With adults it is usually best to introduce them on neutral ground, then once they are getting along take them to home turf. When I brought a pup home I already had a seven year old adult, and she walked around stiff legged for a couple of days before she accepted the new arrival, but never offered to hurt her. With a one year old I expect your only concern is that he doesn't want to play too rough.

  • @theoriginaldev As others have said, an older dog would be better on neutral ground. A puppy will probably go really well. From my own experience, a bit of initial posturing from the older dog, then when they realize it’s playtime...the games will commence. Good luck!

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