Introducing a new Basenji into

  • the household. We are getting(hopefully) a 5 year old female and have a 5 year old boy at home. The boy will be with the sitter while we go overnight to get the girl. I need help with introducing them. Our boy is very mellow and has had other B's for compnay before. The female is also mellow-they say- and likes other dogs. Any ideas? Bring the girl home first and then go get the boy?

  • I am no expert on introducing dogs, especially Basenjis, but it seems to me that they should be introduced in a neutral territory. I think you might be sending your boy the wrong message if you bring him back to his home and the girl is already there.

    I'm sure people who've been in your situation will pipe up soon!

    Good luck with your pups!

  • I took my girl to the place to meet the boy I adopted. They were first introduced both leashed in case anything happened. And then we had some off leash time with just the two of them in a fenced, secure area. Leashes stayed on even while they were in the fenced area so that if something happened, you can pull the leash and hopefully not get in the middle of a fight.

    For us, food was the biggest issue once both dogs were in the house. That's the only thing they've ever fought over. It's up to you how to handle that one. You'll get a wide range of advice on this board. I think most people think it's best to feed once or twice a day in spearate bowls. For us, it worked out well to free feed in one bowl. That's just us. You have to find what works for you all.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  • From what I understand…after reading a bit. Take the dogs for a long walk together...I mean REEEEAAALLY long. Have them get to know their territory & tire them out. Once tired & they've made the association that they are now part of your pack the meeting will go smoother (hopefully). Allow them to meet & greet but keep an eye out for signals...threatening behavior like lots of lip licking, growls, teeth, etc. if need be just get in between them & stay calm. They will now how to calm each other & they will know how to communicate with each other.


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