Yo Yo!! My Name Is Mo!

Hello everybody,

We are very proud to 'own' a Basenji. And we call him Mo. I say 'own' inbetween bracktets 'cause often he owns us lol…

He is 4 and half years old now and was born in Belgium where we bought him from a very good breeder, Abaluka.
Mo now lives with us in Portugal. Which he much enjoys.. and so do we :D.. .


Welcome to you and Mo 😃

Hi and welcome! Hope you have pictures to share!


Think Mo will be happy to live in Portugal. We had a lot of rain the last weeks in Belgium, and they aren't so happy when they have to go for a walk then. :p

Glad you found our group.

Welcome to the forum. Always happy to hear from other basenji "owners" - I agree they own us more than we own them. Pictures please!!!

Abaluka?????? you are so bad! Abuluka you mean! 😃

Welcome little Mo!!!!
We love pictures! from the kitty cat too!


Hi and welcome onboard to both of you. Sounds like teh perfect place for a basenji to live.

Welcome to the group!

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