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Good morning,

We have had our besenji now for about 6 months. He is a rescue that had some traumatic experiences and we had to do alot of work to get him adjusted with his new home. We have been to obedience training and he did great if you show him treats then he will do anything we ask. But without them good luck. Lately he does not want to listen at all and its like he completely forgot everything we tough him. For example if we dont pay attention to him for 5 min he goes and digs in the couch or chews on storage containers and often when we put him in his cage he will have a tantrum and wreck his bed and blankets. Anyone else with this issue? Anyone have any tips?

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Oh so nice to know that there are others in Ontario with Besenjis they are not very common around here. Our breeder has a policy that if it doesn't work out with her dogs they must be returned to her to make sure they are in good hands. The first return was due to a divorce and then the women took him by herself but returned him again after a few months and now he is at his forever home with us. We got him from Hammond Ontario through a Breeder.

Will try to find a way to post a picture of him 🙂

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Hi everyone,

I just joined this site and its great to have a community for the dogs! 🙂

We just rescued our little guy Rusty about 2 months ago and he is so lovable yet he has never been trained and we are the 3rd owners and so the next year will be an adjustment period with lots of training!

He is so smart and picks up training very well but when he gets bored quickly and is a chewer or causes a ruckus!

From Ontario Canada 🙂

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