My name is Pharos

Usually I try not to get near other dogs like myself but I will make an exception this time.
I am now 6 human years old and can't remember my mother, father, sister or brother but I have been told a lot about them.
My father was a world champion of breed for multiple years, so was my mother who has stripes like a tiger (seen on TV) but then european champion.
I hate being alone and being on the leash constantly, but I guess that is necessary since I don't listen.
Once I ate through an electric cord whatever happened then made me to never, ever touch anything looking remotely like it again.

W W W Woooooo

Welcome, hope to see a pic!

Good site, fun and information.

Welcome and let us more know about your human family too! Barooooo!


Love to see your face!!

Welcome…we love pictures...

Welcome…looking forward to more stories!

Welcome Pharos! Thanks for your story. Would you let your human post?

Hello Pharos and Welcome to the Forum! Say NO more electrical cords?? BOL

Hello I am new as well. Hope to see pics soon.:rolleyes:

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