My name is Melissa and I am a basenji-holic

  • Hello All 🙂 My name is Melissa Benda and I am a slave to all things basenji. I have three beautiful B's, Snickers who is my oldest, Lucy LooLoo my newest adoption from BRAT, and Lee-Lee, the baby, my first ever adoption from BRAT. (I failed fostering 101 with Lee-Lee 🙂 )

    I am a very active volunteer for Basenji Rescue And Transport, and am the newly appointed District Coordinator for Texas.

    I love my life, my Basenji's, my husband, and will do anything for the greatness and goodness of animal welfare.

    Please say hello, and if you ever need anything, contact me on here, or better:!

    Ive posted pics in the"Show Off Your Dog" forum, so please go see my babies!

    Love, Melissa Benda

  • Welcome and glad to have you aboard the forum! Great job helping BRAT too!

  • Welcome to the forum! Your pups look great! 🙂

  • Hi Melissa - welcome to a forum where pretty well everyone else is basenji-brained. And thanks for the work you do for these dogs. In my mind, that makes you an angel.

  • Welcome Melissa. Glad to see you on the forums, and glad to have a BRAT person so close by.

  • Welcome from the UK. I admire all of you who care for the rescues. Marvellous work.

  • Welcome to the forum Melissa

  • Welcome, all your girls are lovely. I call my Nicky (BRAT) "Snickers" most of the time, she's a tri too!

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