• This is Cairo, my new little 13 yr old man from BRAT. I've had him for about 3 weeks or so and he's doing great for the most part. Last week my mother and I took him to the beach for the first time and he loved it, aside from the mean sneaky ocean.

    Great little dog-friendly B&B in Beaufort,NC ..originally built as the county poorhouse.

    Nothing like salt water up the nose…

  • Houston

    Oh he is sooo sweet….I am so happy to hear of people like you adopting older, still plenty of love to give dogs...bless you.

    Great pictures.

  • Gorgeous pictures of Cairo, looks like he had fun.
    Thanks for sharing

  • How sweet! I'm glad you've found each other.

  • What a handsome boy!!

  • Oh what a holiday glad that he enjoyed it. He looks good for his age!

  • Thanks so much! He's been great so far.

  • I would say Cairo looks like a happy guy. Handsome too!

  • Lovely photos ! Beautiful place and great looking dog. Thank ou for adopting one of the seniors, I hope you have many wonderful years with him. He is a lucky boy to have found you.

  • What a sweet boy 🙂

  • wow! beautiful dog, and looks so happy and calm.. he is lucky to found a nice home 🙂

  • Okay, tearful here. I am sorry, but if you have a fender bender with a police car, accidentally drop a priceless vase at a museum, whatever… in my opinion you should get to say "I adopted a senior rescue" and get at least a few passes. Bless you.

  • Thanks so much all, it means a lot. I honestly feel blessed to have Cairo and I don't mind he's totally uninterested in the toys I bought him and won't use the bathroom in the backyard while I'm at work during the day ( although he's a master of the petdoor and we're working on it with the help of neighbor dogs lol.)

    It's totally worth it when he has his spunky silly moments, wags his tail when he sees me, and always wants to know where I am. Also his improve bark that he's learned somewhere along the way (don't tell him I said this, but it sounds like a toy dog when he does it.)

    I felt like a proud parent and a parent of a well behaved celebrity at the beach with him. I lost count of how many people and other dogs wanted to meet him and he was so great with them all (well, except for a friendly shiloh shepard I think it was the size plus the mass of fur.) I was happy to share my story about Cairo with them and hit the major points of the breed and the potential for adopting a rescue :).

    The only concern I have with Cairo (aside from his arthritis, which we're treating) is that he's been with other dogs his whole life and he's currently the only dog in the house. Two of my girls (cats) are starting to come around, but I think he's a little weary because the eldest still hisses and delay pops him when he tries to sniff her.

    All in all I think everyone is adjusting well, I'm just on the fence about maybe adopting another B, even another senior B as a companion… I'm just not totally sure I can afford it at the moment with 3 seniors in my little household consisting of my furkids and I. I'm thinking about talking with my vet to see if there might could be a discount, supplies aren't really a concern.

  • He is beautiful! Thanks you so much for opening you home to one of our older basenjis.

    debbi j.

  • Oh another senior basenji! will be a happy life for both! but the backward always is the bills,. i really hope that your vet feels like he is what is the right word? like a co- owner or co friend with another senior and you can get a discount.. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    He has such a sweet face and looks so happy!
    Cody feels the same way about the waves… he makes me walk between him and the shoreline 🙂

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