• Hello everyone,
    here are some pics of Ayo in Puerto PLata. Went to a friends house for easter week. Ayo had the best time completely off leash all the time in a big area that was completely fenced around. I dont think he has ever had so much fun. It was great seeing him interact with everyone. He was great with all the kids that were there. Didnt have a single nipping incident!!! His only problem was with the horses. His idea of fun was biting their tails!!! I wish I had a picture but i dropped the camera and ran to get him out of there quick!!! ITs beautiful scenery. The house is part of a huge estate that belongs to a friends family and it is on hill overlooking Puerto PLata. The mountain behind Ayo is Mount Isabel de Torres. I am so glad Iwas able to get these images!!! Hope you enjoy them..
    Just sent out Ayos Fanconi test and was received at OFA today!!

  • How fun!!! Great pictures…... and fingers crossed for a good outcome on his Fanconi test

  • Houston

    Awesome pictures..nice time for sure.

    Keeping my fingers crossed on his fanconi test..:)

  • looks like a great time! beautiful!

  • Thank You very much for your replies and concern… I am very nervous... and somewhat sad... but, i am trying not to think about it.. It was awesome. I was reluctant to go at first when I was invited, because I thought it might be a hassle and I wasnt sure if the place was completely fenced in and wether the rest of the guests would be "into it", but it turned out great, there were three other dogs, they were never into playing much, and Ayo was the talk of the week. He kept everyody laughing!!!

  • Absolutely awesome!

  • Great photos, thanks for sharing them. Glad you had such a good time.

  • Fabulous pictures! What could be better - palm trees and basenjis. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Lovely scenery, and nice pics!

    Yes, I would definitely be careful about nipping horse tails. Would NOT want to be kicked for that!

    Good luck with the wait on OFA results.

  • Thanks… It was a great vacation! That was my fear... one kick from that horse!!!!!...

  • Great pictures, and all off leash! WOW

  • What beautiful views and wonderful for the boy. He was really on good behaviour. Lucky you spending Easter in such a beautiful place.

  • Yeah it's like that here also. Not the best time to go the beach.. Lots of drunk people all over the place!!!

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