• Our petite little girl weighed in at 9.8lbs at our vet for her 3rd set of shots yesterday. While she is tiny, as you can see, she is well porportioned. I'm sure she will get a growth spurt soon. All the other dogs love her and do a great job of wearing her out before bed. Last night she slept beside me from 10 till 5:30, she is now wound up again and ready for puppy breakfast and a nap.

  • Hello Joe and Lisa!
    Wow, after seeing your pics its amazing how much Gambit looks like our Nahla! I will put up pics today but looking at Gambit makes me think I am looking at Nahla! All the way down to the faint wisp of white on her forehead.
    Nahla is small also weighing in at 4lbs at week 8! But she is very well proportioned, full of energy, healthy and slightly mischievous!
    Good luck with her and make sure you put up pics as she grows! I wounder if they will look the same a few years from now.

  • What a cutie!

  • What a pretty little girl!:)

  • Lovely….

  • Houston

    So very nice..she is adorable…

    Pippin only weighed 9.3 lbs at 12 wks..but he was 15lbs at 16wks so he sure caught up..

  • Glad to know that Pippin was that size too. She seems well porportioned and always has a little round belly after her meals.

  • Honestly, I don't think that she is small or tiny… I would say pretty normal. All my puppy bitches were around that weight at that age

  • Houston

    Honestly, I don't think that she is small or tiny… I would say pretty normal.

    That's what I though too…I kept on thinking Pippin was tiny, but then I asked around and he really was pretty average..

  • She was the same size as the other girls at Tads house. Xander was such a giant its hard to compare. She is so cute chasing the whippet girls thru the house, they indulge her.

  • She will be in a match at the Wichita show the second weekend in April and her half sister who is also a tri and 2 weeks younger will be showing too, it will be fun to see them together.

  • sooooooooooooooo ridiculously cute!

  • Very cute, this puppy season has made me soooo jealous!!!!!

  • She is adorable! My Shaye was that weight at that size, and I was hoping she would remain one of the tiny B's, but she weighs a little over 20 lbs. now, and is normal sized at 2 yrs. The diminutive females (or males for that matter) are just so elegant looking!
    PS: dmey, yes, puppy season brings out the worst (or best) in all of us, because we all envy the H*** out of the new puppy owners.

  • She is beautiful and just striking! Yeah at 10 wks Cara was 13.5 pounds and now she is a GIANT, well over 30 pounds. So your pup seems normal weight to me!

  • For interest's sake I looked back at my old records and found that Jigsaw was only 8.2 lbs at 12 weeks. She remained a "peanut" and hovers around 17.6 lbs as an adult. (Not bad for a girl on pred for IBD!) Indy is also on the small side and is only around 21 lbs. (He is Jigsaw's nephew.) But he is very well-proportioned and has great conformation. Sort of strange since none of their other littermates are small. Guess I just grow them small! 🙂

  • Baby girl is enjoying play time with the big guys.

  • She's a beautiful girl, she looks so serious in the second picture down

  • Ah yes - basenji boxing. Mohammed Ali would be proud!

  • She has lovely demarcations. And she's such a girly girl!

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